Kitchen EXhaust hood



At State Fire Prevention, the method of cleaning the kitchen exhaust is a combination of scraping and pressure washing. This method will clean the duct work down to "bare metal", which is the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Associated (NFPA) as spelled out in NFPA standard 96.

Kitchen exhaust Installations


Need a Kitchen exhaust hood installed or replaced? All the hood and duct work is custom made, meeting your desire for your kitchen as well as physical needs of the space. We’ll go over your plans before we begin work so you know what’s going on at all times.  We have certified technicians ready to take on the job. 


We install all ductwork in accordance with local codes. NFPA-96 requires that the exhaust duct must be installed using 16 gauge carbon steel or 18 gauge stainless steel with all joints and seams welded liquid tight.  Ducts shall be provided with access panels installed at 12-foot intervals and at every change of direction as to provide access into the duct for cleaning.  

Exhaust Fan:

Exhaust fans shall be UL listed for the removal of grease-laden vapors from commercial cooking equipment.   To prevent roof damage, roof mounted fans should be provided with a collection pan to properly drain grease collected at the roof level. The exhaust fan and belts should be checked for wear and tear. Once fan belts begin to show signs of being cracked, frayed or otherwise become worn, they should be replaced. 

Precipitators/ PCU (Pollution control unit)

The Precipitators and/or Pollution Control devices are designed to reduce grease and/or odors. Removing grease/smoke from the exhaust stream allows the odor control component of the system to work more efficiently. Once the exhaust has been processed by the precipitator/pollution control unit (PCU) it is exhausted to the outdoor environment. Their operating status may not be fully indicated by lights, gauges and other devices. NO PERSON SHOULD SERVICE OR MAINTAIN THESE UNITS WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING FROM MANUFACTURERS ACCEPTABLE TO THE FDNY.